Poster Designs for Schools & Institutions of Learning

#Stop Coronavirus #SouthSudan

As schools are set to reopen in January, we need to take precaution in our various institutions of Learning and schools.

This will help keep our Children, Teachers and Staff safe from the Covid-19 virus.

Education means a lot more for children and youth than just attending lessons.This is why we already have to prepare for the children’s return to school. It should not be delayed any more than necessary for curbing the spread of the virus. Part of the preparation is to maintain and equip schools with Covid-19 awareness materials.

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You can download printable version of Posters with Covid-19 guidelines through the link :Download

Awareness-raising on proper hygiene has to continue and measures must be implemented at school in order to prevent the virus from spreading again.

Supporting children’s return to school is not a moral choice — it serves everyone’s interest. Looking the other way will lead to unforeseen social and economic consequences.

Rescue Life of Children Intends to support schools with Social Media toolkit Printable versions of Coronavirus Materials, to help curb the spread of the virus.

For any enquiry or information reach us through

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