On the Frontline For Children in South Sudan

To help avert the Corona-virus crisis, RLC integrated a COVID-19 prevention and control response in its ongoing effort on humanitarian Activities.


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RLC’s Anthony during an awareness campaign against Covid-19 in Aweil South, South Sudan

In South Sudan, Rescue life of Children is working to support vulnerable children and families to stay together and survive one of the toughest Coronavirus lockdowns on earth.

Nearly four (4) months into the Pandemic, Children and families in South Sudan are,As all countries — rich and poor — struggle to cope with the immediate threats of the pandemic,“Children in South Sudan are suffering above all from the economic effects of the pandemic,”

The number of vulnerable people increases every hour in South Sudan. Weekly food-rations from Relief Organizations is not sufficient. People who were employed supporting their families, now have no jobs as a result of Coronavirus lockdown — no income and no access to state assistance in practical terms.

As part of the civil society committed to help the government uplift the lives of the children and the youth especially at this point of our nation’s health crisis, we can only take the road forward investing for the children’s protection and better future.Our effort to disseminate Covid-19 Prevention information has seen people deep in the village understand the need to Wash hands regularly, Practise social distance and wear masks, but there is still a challenge for most of the population to access Basic materials towards preventing Covid-19.

There are no preventive equipments Masks, Water and sanitation infrastructure is dilapilated.

The virus has exacerbated the ongoing humanitarian crisis around health infrastructure, economy, livelihoods and water, sanitation and poor hygiene,hence the need to take a door to door Awareness approach.

Door- to- Door

Working with partners

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Volunteers Training during our Covid-19 Awareness in Aweil East, South Sudan

Humanity & Inclusion’s activities continue in the settlements of displaced people, but in addition RLC now also contributes to prevention activities. Awareness raising and learning how to stop the spread of the virus is done with each beneficiary or target group, and the ways we do this are also adapted to protect each person from the virus.

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Volunteers Training during our Covid-19 awareness in Aweil East,South Sudan.

Act now, to avert a crisis

Looking ahead Covid-19 is an invisible global enemy which knows no race, gender, ethnicity, nor religion: it has exposed the structural fault lines in South Sudan.Humanitarians are doing whatever they can. But we need more support, from the international community and from the government, to avert the worst”

Our Current areas of Operations has been in Jonglei,Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Aweil.

We urgently need support of PPEs to supply and support vulnerable children and communities.We need to Act together to fight the Covid-19.

For more info on how you can help,you can reach out to us at : info@rlcss.org or visit our website to learn more on our Programs and activities in South Sudan.


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Rescue life of children (RLC) is a National non-profit organization whose operations focus on improving the lives of vulnerable children and communities.

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