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Offloading of bricks for Construction of Kitchen / Food store and Block Latrines at Mayom lac Primary School Aweil South.

“Just as aid to education seemed to have recovered , the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to take us back several years,” cautions UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. “Faced with the havoc wreaked by the pandemic, aid to education will arguably be more important than ever before. Countries will need additional funding to respond to the pandemic and education must be prioritized both in terms of aid and domestic allocations to avoid a setback to our global education goal, SDG 4.”

The partnership between Rescue Life of Children and UNICEF South Sudan is proving to be a lifeline for Children and the Education sector in the country,In an attempt to redress South Sudan’s education sector where Of the issues affecting South Sudan’s education sector, conflict and insecurity are paramount inhibiting factors. Displaced children and refugees from Sudan often end up in locales where access to education is limited or incapable of absorbing their influx. In addition, gaps in teacher training and severe shortages of schools adversely impact the country’s school-age population.

RLC work to deliver education in emergencies

RLC works to provide uninterrupted education for every child affected by humanitarian crisis — especially girls, children with disabilities, internally displaced children, refugees and migrants in South Sudan

We are helping children develop skills to cope with the trauma of crisis, and supplying them with learning spaces that are safe, child-friendly and equipped with water and sanitation facilities. Our work with support from UNICEF South Sudan is building capacity by training teachers, supplying learning materials and supporting the Government of South Sudan to reduce the risk of disaster.

For children in emergencies, education is about more than the right to learn.

A kitchen & Food store

The majority of youth and adults in the country today may never benefit from formal basic education, but their learning needs must be met if South Sudan is to build a solid state and society.

In spite of the country’s challenges, RLC has embraced education as a cornerstone of development and designed linkages between emergency response and longer-term strengthening of education systems, these programmes bring together a wide range of international, national and local stakeholders to deliver quality education to the most vulnerable girls and boys.

Amongst the activities we establish are to rehabilitate learning spaces construct Kitchen And food stores,WASH facilities and distribute teaching and learning materials to target schools,Prioritize teacher training to accelerate-education programmes and community sensitisation with regard to the importance of girls’ enrolment.

Education boosts economic growth and reduces poverty and inequality. It increases individuals’ ability to lead a healthy life, participate in society and restore peace and stability.

On average, the education sector receives less than 3 per cent of humanitarian aid.Funding is not the only shortfall. In emergency settings, teaching and staff shortages prevent education systems from meeting children’s many needs. Data gaps hinder decision makers from assessing the situation and responding effectively. And coordination challenges inhibit humanitarian teams from acting as efficiently as needed.

We call upon increase in Funding for education programs from Various Actors in the country and globally.Education is the only tool that can change our country positively.


Rescue life of children (RLC) is a National non-profit organization whose operations focus on improving the lives of vulnerable children and communities affected by conflict and natural disasters in South Sudan.

The organization was established in 2015 by Health Professional Volunteers who identified major gaps in provision of services to vulnerable children and families in South Sudan.

RLC works in the thematic areas of Education, Protection, Health & Nutrition, Water and Sanitation (WASH), Food security and Livelihoods (FSL) and peace building as well as Post Trauma Awareness.

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Rescue Life of children

Rescue life of children (RLC) is a National non-profit organization whose operations focus on improving the lives of vulnerable children and communities.