Responding to Covid-19 is our collective responsibility in order to keep everyone safe.

As a teacher or school staff member, you play a vital role in creating supportive and healthy environments in which students can learn and
thrive. As your school resumes in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic — whether for the first time or following an outbreak –this page can help you identify ways to protect your own health, as well as the health of students in your classroom.

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#Stop Coronavirus #SouthSudan

As schools are set to reopen in January, we need to take precaution in our various institutions of Learning and schools.

This will help keep our Children, Teachers and Staff safe from the Covid-19 virus.

Education means a lot more for children and youth than just attending lessons.This is why we already have to prepare for the children’s return to school. It should not be delayed any more than necessary for curbing the spread of the virus. Part of the preparation is to maintain and equip schools with Covid-19 awareness materials.

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You can download printable version of Posters with Covid-19 guidelines through the link :Download

Awareness-raising on proper hygiene has to…

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Rescue life of children wishes you all Happy christmas festivities and Happy holidays.

by rescue life of children

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Offloading of bricks for Construction of Kitchen / Food store and Block Latrines at Mayom lac Primary School Aweil South.

“Just as aid to education seemed to have recovered , the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to take us back several years,” cautions UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. “Faced with the havoc wreaked by the pandemic, aid to education will arguably be more important than ever before. Countries will need additional funding to respond to the pandemic and education must be prioritized both in terms of aid and domestic allocations to avoid a setback to our global education goal, SDG 4.”

The partnership between Rescue Life of Children and UNICEF South Sudan is proving to be a lifeline…

To help avert the Corona-virus crisis, RLC integrated a COVID-19 prevention and control response in its ongoing effort on humanitarian Activities.

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RLC’s Anthony during an awareness campaign against Covid-19 in Aweil South, South Sudan

In South Sudan, Rescue life of Children is working to support vulnerable children and families to stay together and survive one of the toughest Coronavirus lockdowns on earth.

Nearly four (4) months into the Pandemic, Children and families in South Sudan are,As all countries — rich and poor — struggle to cope with the immediate threats of the pandemic,“Children in South Sudan are suffering above all from the economic effects of the pandemic,”

The number of vulnerable people increases every hour in South Sudan. Weekly food-rations from Relief Organizations is not sufficient. …

Rescue Life of children

Rescue life of children (RLC) is a National non-profit organization whose operations focus on improving the lives of vulnerable children and communities.

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